We accept all types of major insurance, and we follow very consistent due process with every job we get.

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  1. 1. Write Claim
    1. Write Claim
    We will write the insurance claims for USAA, Hanover, State-farm, Met-life in house (upon delivery).
  2. 2. Time Line
    2. Time Line
    We will tell you how long the work will take
  3. 3. Get A Rental
    3. Get A Rental
    We will set up a rental that is approved by your insurance.
  4. 4. Updates Of Progress
    4. Updates Of Progress
    We will give you daily updates of your repairs.
  5. 5. Have You Back Here
    5. Have You Back Here
    We will ask you to return your rental and they will drop you off at our location.
  6. 6. Get Your Keys
    6. Get Your Keys
    Hand you your keys and have you on your way.